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Image of Product Bike Shorts
Bike Shorts 
E700 ($40)
Image of Product Crop Top
Crop Top 
E350 ($20)
Image of Product Flared Satin Trouser
Flared Satin Trouser 
E1000 ($60)
Image of Product Light Satin Short
Light Satin Short 
E600 ($35)
Image of Product Linen Kimono
Linen Kimono 
E1700 ($100)
Image of Product Long Sleeved Bodysuit
Long Sleeved Bodysuit 
E600 ($35)
Image of Product Mini White Tent Dress
Mini White Tent Dress 
E800 ($50)
Image of Product Mini Wrap Tent Dress
Mini Wrap Tent Dress 
E1000 ($60)
As the world has turned inward to self-healing, I was inspired to create a collection one would wear on self-care-days. This collection is birthed from my love of comfort, style and luxury. Rich fabrics of satin and white linen against the strong/powerful African and Indian cotton prints. Silhouettes of wide armed sleeves, flares bottoms and loose tops for comfort. Packaged in a fresh modern style.